Most skin wounds heal naturally and relatively quickly, but severe or infected wounds may take longer to resolve. Circulatory problems may also delay wound healing.


  • Wound may be open, exposing the tissue underneath, or a scab may be present on the skin surface
  • Healing occurs from the outer edges inwards, and the edges of the wound may be pink, shiny and itchy as the healing takes place
  • Wounds that are red, swollen, hot or discharging pus or other liquid may be infected


  • Wounds occur from trauma to the skin, such as a burn, injury or fall, and may also be the result of surgical incisions
  • Bed sores and pressure ulcers occur during periods of immobility, and are the result of restricted blood flow to the affected region
  • Wounds that are slow to heal are more common in people with compromised circulation, for example smokers, elderly people, and people with Varicose Veins or diabetes

Nutritional & Herbal Support

  • Zinc is involved in wound healing and is important for the health and integrity of the skin, helping to maintain its elasticity
  • Grape Seed extract, Bilberry and GInkgo may help to improve the health of the capillaries and other blood vessels, improving peripheral circulation and encouraging healing. 

Diet & Lifestyle advice

  • Wounds that are slow to heal, or arise from minimal trauma to the tissue may be indicative of underlying disease, and require medical investigation
  • Ensure any wounds on the legs and feet are tended to quickly and appropriately; if necessary ask your healthcare professional to arrange for the dressings to be changed for you
  • Ensure your diet contains generous helpings of fresh foods that are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, including citrus fruit, berries, and onions
  • Herbalists also recommend spicy foods such as ginger and cayenne pepper to promote peripheral circulation
  • Apply tea tree oil to bacterial or fungal infections, diluting it first to avoid stinging or further irritating the infected tissue
  • Don't smoke - aside from other detrimental effects, it promotes Free Radical Damage and further exacerbates Circulatory Problems

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Information provided is of a general nature and should not replace that of your healthcare professional.

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