Let the best of nature, bring out the best in you.

Greenridge herbal supplements are formulated by expert healthcare professionals using the right ingredients, in the right amounts, to work in harmony with your body, helping keep you and your family in the very best of health.

Greenridge ‘The Herbal Specialist’, was formed in 1987 to grow, source and process chemically free herbal medicine products. It began as a private company comprising of shareholders from the Vandersee and Jauncey families of Toowoomba Australia.

The innovative idea to import Gingko Biloba saw Greenridge collaborate with established healthcare companies to better resource products to the Australian and New Zealand consumer. And in May 2009, Integria Healthcare Pty Ltd became the parent company for the brand.

In 2015, Greenridge partnered with Countdown stores to offer our range of the highest quality natural healthcare to support everyday health and wellbeing in New Zealand. 

Greenridge, The Herbal Specialist.

Greenridge is an Integria Healthcare brand, a manufacturer and distributor of quality herbal formulations and supplements.
Find out more about Integria Healthcare and their range of brands at integria.com.